The ThinkPad X60/61 Series Are Really Classical

Recently I received an old ThinkPad X61 body, which has a broken screen, lacks battery, bad memory, slow hdd and broken surface C. After bought some accessories, I re-installed a Xubuntu 16.04 system on it. Even at present, the design of this laptop is in fashion. All four borders of screen are thin and can be filpped more than 180 degrees.

Compared with the current types of ThinkPad X series, I prefer the classical types more! In 2016, there was a project called X62 which customized new board. Core i7-5500u, mSATA interface, DDR3 supports and miniDP/miniHDMI were intergrated on this new board, which made old X60/61 much more powerful. If I have some time, I really want to bought this new board and build the X62.