The network is really bad!

Recently, I want to have a look at development of Android App. The first thing, of cause, go to the homepage of Android. But the site couldn't be opened, as I thought, of cause.

OK, there are some mirror-sites, but which is latest and/or reliable? After installed the Android Studio IDE, which took me about half a hour, it told me I have to install the SDK. but the SDK Manager can't access google's site! OK, there are also some mirror-sites. I choosed API 22 and some other packages, and began waiting.

On the right now, I'm watching the process bar while writing this post, there are still a long time to go. Meanwhile, the download of android-studio-bundle (about 1.2GB ) on a VPS had already finished when I was searching for the mirror-sites. The download speed was really FAST!!!