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  1. The ThinkPad X60/61 Series Are Really Classical

    Recently I received an old ThinkPad X61 body, which has a broken screen, lacks battery, bad memory, slow hdd and broken surface C. After bought some accessories, I re-installed a Xubuntu 16.04 system on it. Even at present, the design of this laptop is in fashion. All four borders ...

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  2. Nintendo Switch was Announced!

    March 2017! Begin to save money~ The price maybe $299.99, I can save $60 each month! Till the end of March 2017, I will get $300!

    But, I have a problem...Can I buy one in origin price here? It may not on sale in China...maybe taobao is ...

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  3. A simple calculator

    I designed a homework for HTML/CSS/JS basics. Implement a web-based calculator! It's quite simple to write a program for an experienced programmer, but for a beginner it may take a while.


    Also, there are some rules:

    1. all buttons are functional as a real calculator does
    2. single page ...
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  4. In memory of Satoru Iwata

    I really love Nintendo Games, when I was a little child and at present. The feeling is sad when saw the message. What he and his pals created gave me great pleasure and was like a old friend in my life, although he didn't know me. Anyway, thank you ...

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  5. My First Article

    There are many things can hardly be changed in one's life, and the older the more. When found the other one, things go more complex than imagination. Since then, I begin to miss the single days.

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