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  1. Access mine home machine from outside by SSH tunnel!

    Global IP address is limited resource in my environment. I have some machine in my office and home which has no global IP. If I want to access these inner machines from outside, it is quite diffcult. Now, thanks to lots of programmers, I known how to achieve that~ Let ...

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  2. You should have a local APT-mirror~

    The network condition in our lab is very good, in general. However, the apt-get update is not that well. Download speed often fluctuates in the daytime, maybe due to great amount of users. The speed in late night is quite good, but I can't install softwares at that time ...

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  3. VNCServer finally works on my Ubuntu 14.04

    Finally, the VNCServer works for me on my Ubuntu 14.04. As I experienced before in Ubuntu 12.04 and other dists, the VNCServer is a good choice to control computer remotely. However, it's changed since I installed Ubuntu 14.04. I can NOT get the "Desktop" when I ...

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  4. The network is really bad!

    Recently, I want to have a look at development of Android App. The first thing, of cause, go to the homepage of Android. But the site couldn't be opened, as I thought, of cause.

    OK, there are some mirror-sites, but which is latest and/or reliable? After installed the ...

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  5. Password!

    When I forgot password...

    Password! I have lots of machines to manage, and passwords to remember. Therefore sometimes I can not remember a password when I login to a machine. There are some simple methods to remember, for example I can write the password on a notebook. Even though that ...

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  6. Ubuntu Tricks?

    There are lots of tricks or tips when I use Linux. Most of time I use Ubuntu. Here, I want to record some experiences during my work on Ubuntu.

    NO password when sudo

    It's not safe for a normal user to do root's matters. As result, there is ...

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  7. In memory of Satoru Iwata

    I really love Nintendo Games, when I was a little child and at present. The feeling is sad when saw the message. What he and his pals created gave me great pleasure and was like a old friend in my life, although he didn't know me. Anyway, thank you ...

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